Kids love their superheroes, there’s no doubt about that!

And why wouldn’t they! The chance to be heroic, save the world, show courage and let the good reign over evil are all worthy attributes and adventures that are worth going on.

When you book a superhero party package here is what to expect at a superhero party : One of your superhero entertainers they will guide and take the kids on an adventure to save the world…or at least your suburb!

Our superhero party entertainers know how to invoke your child’s imagination but training them with the bravest and most heroic superhero moves!! Our superhero party entertainers will show the kids how to soar through the skies with a cape, save the treasure,  inspire the crowd with a heroic message all in the nick of time to save the princess!

All the games that are included in our kids superhero party package are themed to their favourite superhero. In one game they will need to break free from the confines that the evil monster has put in their way, in another superhero party game they will need to find the treasure map, even though they are blindfolded. In another superhero party game they will need to find a partner so they don’t get eaten by crocodiles. Our superhero party entertainment is unique, fast paced and hilarious.

In our jam packed superhero party packages we cater to the superhero and age of your child. These parties are suitable from 3-8 years. Please check our website for other children’s party entertainment packages or ideas. All superhero parties include magic, storytelling, games, treasure hunt, music, prizes. PLUS:

We finish all the superhero party action up with a special prize for the party child, superhero ballooning and superhero face painting if you wish.

No matter the superhero give us a call or email today to discuss how we can make your child’s party entertainment the best superhero fun ever!

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