Star Wars Party
A long time ago in a galaxy not so far, far away, there was a party that rivalled all parties with an epic Star Wars theme... it could also be yours! You have the choice of having your very own Darth Vader or a Jedi Knight.... or Both! Can't withstand "The Force" of having a whole party of children to entertain? Well leave it to our Professional Star Wars Party hosts!
    Imagine your child's face when they get to have their very own intergalactic adventure right in the midst of their own home! Our Star Wars parties feature Jedi/Empire training academy, star wars themed games where kids get to use the force, a space themed treasure hunt, Star Wars Music and dancing, right sabre balloon twisting and workshop, plus prizes and of course lots of fun! The birthday child will also receive a special treat known else gets.
      Your 1 hour party will include: (age 3+)
      • A Jedi Knight or Darth Vader performer in full costume
      • Star Wars Workshop and training academy
      • Star Wars Music
      • Magic
      • Themed games and prizes
      • Treasure hunt
      • Balloon Twisitng
      • Special prize for birthday child
          Your 1.5 hour party will include all of the above plus:
        • Face painting/tattoos
        • Extra games
          2 hour parties also available including:
        • More magic
        • More detailed face painting
        • Suitable for large parties with over 15 kids
          At Entertainment Emporium our children's entertainers perform regularly at birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, fairs, and shopping centres. All children's entertainers have working with children checks and have trained with under the guidance of a professional actor and drama teacher. They know how to entertain, engage and manage the kids, even large groups. The best part is, you the parent don’t have to do anything except relax and enjoy the party! We do get completely booked out on the weekend so to ensure your child gets the princess party they dream of make sure you book ahead.